Overfishing and damaging fishing practices have reduced many fish stocks and harmed the seabed,
threatening marine wildlife and coastal communities.

The UK government has opened a public consultation asking how we think they should manage
our fisheries after Brexit through a new Fisheries Bill.


Today we have a unique chance to ask decision-makers to put sustainability at the heart of the UK’s fisheries management.

act now

The government consultation on the fisheries white paper, Sustainable Fisheries for Future Generations, is now closed. An enormous thank you to all who took part and had their say on the future of UK marine life.


The long-awaited government document outlining post-Brexit plans for fisheries management ‘Sustainable Fisheries For Future Generations’ was published in July 2018 and they are now asking for everyone's feedback on this document through a public consultation. This is where your opinion matters. The public consultation is your opportunity to remind the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, why fisheries are not only about fish stocks: the whole marine ecosystem, the fishing industry and our coastal communities all depend on well-managed fisheries. We've made it easy for you to participate! Our prefilled letter outlines what we believe to be the top priorities for the new Fisheries Bill. You have until the 12th of September to take action! Click on the "Take Action" button above. If you prefer you can craft your own personalised consultation response, you can do so through the government’s consultation page. This work is supported by a number of environmental organisations within the Wildlife and Countryside Link coalition. If you want to learn more about the work of the organisations involved, please click on the logos below.